Behind The Scenes...

I thought I would share a lovely behind the scenes photo with you, these were the props on our Pink Porcelain Pixie Photoshoot, I love them!.... the muted pink and white tones and soft textures looked so beautiful just hanging there on the antique wardrobe, they had to be snapped!

Once we have decided on a theme for our Pink Pantaloon shoots we will go home and gather up lots of little bits and bobs, clothing and props to use the next day. For the Porcelain Pixie shoot we wanted a super pretty, soft and ethereal feel to the shots, and of course there had to be lots of pink in there! We picked out little linen tops, vintage lace, ditsy floral prints, frilly ribbons and that beautiful pink fluffy scarf which actually inspired us to create a whole new piece to add to our collection. We then gather all of our finds together and hang them all up, this gives us lots of inspiration and a starting place for the shoot... and it just so happens they look really beautiful too! 

I love how natural our photoshoots are, we all just go with the flow, see what we like and see what we don’t. We bring lots of stuff in, try lots of stuff on, switch up the backdrops and play with the natural light until we’ve got it just right. If you’d like to see the final Pink Porcelain Pixie shots please click here. 

p.s. we’ve just set up an Instagram account to share lots of our favourite Pink Pantaloon pics, more behind the scenes shots and lots of beautiful images that inspire us. We’d love you to follow us @pinkpantaloon