Finding Inspiraiton

Amazing Image -  Nathalie Kelley  By Neil Krug 

Amazing Image - Nathalie Kelley By Neil Krug 

Hi Everyone,

This week we have started to bring some ideas together for our next photo-shoot and I thought it would be great to share some of them with you.

Having just moved our creative design office and PR department to Clerkenwell, London, we are really excited to use some cool and quirky new locations to shoot in. One potential location that is only just across the road from us is the Old Finsbury Town Hall, which is now used by the Urdang Academy of the performing arts. Some of the rooms in the building are simply incredible and could provide an amazing backdrop for our next shoot.

As well as new locations we really want to use new techniques to produce some amazing shots. One style that I was introduced to recently is that used by artist and photographer Neil Krug, who uses Polaroid film and cool saturated colouring to produce the most amazing photographs.

If you want to see more great shots that we have used as inspiration for our ranges and shoots click here.

Till next time.

Pantaloon Love,