3D Printed Fashion

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I came across an article all about 3D printed fashion design earlier on design site 'Dezeen' and thought I had to share it with you guys!

Technology is increasingly becoming a major part of all of our everyday lives, and it's now being introduced into the fashion world in amazing ways. 3D printing is always something that has fascinated and amazed me, it just seems so crazy that a 3-Dimensional object can emerge from a printer!

Anyway... Extremely intricate, Haute Couture, 3D printed fashion garments have begun to appear on runways all across the world. They are all very unusual and unique designs, and what makes the 3D printing work so well in these instances is that they can ensure these garments fit absolutely perfectly every time. The body scanning and 3D modelling techniques which have been developed allow designers to get the most precise measurements of their models, enabling them to create a bespoke garment with the perfect fit. This article also tells of how this new technique is becoming much more accessible; transitioning from these crazy, elaborate runway designs into more everyday clothing...

This really got me thinking about our lovely Pink Pantaloons and how we create a classic and tailored product, which is beautifully fitted, completely bespoke and super comfy. Surprisingly, there are quite a few similarities between these Haute Couture garments and our Pink Pantaloons... but there are definitely no body scanners around here and our manufacturing techniques are as far away as you could possibly get from a 3D printer! We use good old British craftsmanship here at our Cotes Mill home in Leicestershire, we hand make each pair of pantaloons with love and care, but who knows... maybe one day we could try 3D printing a pair of our silky shorts!

Please click here to read the full 'Technology adds an incredible advantage to fashion design' article on the Dezeen website.

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