A Vintage Twist

The past week has been a busy one here at PPco but that just makes it more exciting! It’s great coming to a job where you don’t know what tomorrow will bring…what exciting inspiration we might find and what crazy pink ideas we may conjure up. But it’s not fair that only we get to experience this excitement so I thought I’d keep you all updated with some of our recent news!!

In the past week we have really focussed on what PPco means as a brand, what it's bringing to the market and why it’s just so unique! Through a number of product meetings we have started to develop our new range and it already looks amazing! From sourcing the best quality fabrics to ensuring every item compliments the collection, we haven’t missed a thing and we can’t wait to show you guys the outcome!

To visit our Pinterest click  here .

To visit our Pinterest click here.

For inspiration for this new collection we turned to our favourite social media platform…Pinterest! We were looking for vintage style underwear that we could use for inspiration in new designs and we found some beautiful images. We were scrolling through Pinterest and enjoying the delicate images of pantaloons, high-waisted knickers and other vintage delights when we found some beautiful vintage jumpers…Knowing that vintage is a trend that never goes out of fashion we thought why not!? So we went searching for a vintage cricket jumper that we could use in photo-shoots and seeing all the bespoke garments on the way it lead to us wanting to buy more and more! So we went searching for some beautiful vintage garments that fit perfectly with PPco’s new vintage twist! We purchased some lovely garments and whether they’re going to be used in photo-shoots or in our own vintage range we just don't know!

It’s so lovely here at PPco because nothing is black and white (well, most things are pink!) and we don’t always play by the rules so we experiment as much as we want with fun designs, silky fabric and beautiful decorations whilst making sure no stitch is out of place.  It’s an exciting and really motivating experience when building a brand and I’m so happy I get to be involved in building the Pink Pantaloon Co. Every product has been beautifully made at our Cotes Mill home and every detail is checked by our lovely production girls. We are very lucky to have such a great team behind the brand and we hope you love our new collection when it’s launched!

Our beautiful Cotes Mill Home.                                                                                  Image: www.devolkitchens.co.uk

Our beautiful Cotes Mill Home.                                                                                  Image: www.devolkitchens.co.uk