The Pink Pantaloon Co at Barber Streisand

How cool do our barber shop photos look!? We just couldn't wait to share a few sneaky snaps from yesterdays shoot with you. 

The location was a very quirky and very lovely little barber shop on Exmouth market called 'Barber Streisand' ... is that not the best name you've ever heard!? ahhhh I love it. 

Oh, and 'Goose', the famous little dog on Exmouth Market, made an appearance in the shoot too. He was honestly the best, cutest, most perfect dog I have ever met and I really just wanted to take him home with me. We even made him his own little pink pantaloon bow tie and tweed jacket, way too cute!

Anyway, we'll share the rest of the images and lots more details with you next week, but for now we really hope you like this little taster...