Behind the Scenes at our Latest Shoot

Last week PPco caused quite a stir on Exmouth Market. I think we may have made the builders' day when we turned up with Zoe dressed in our sexy pink lingerie! But it wasn't just the builders, everyone couldn't resist stopping to peep in and to see what we were up to...and when we saw how amazing the shots turned out, we couldn't really blame them. In between dashing around helping everyone out, I managed to take some sneaky behind the scenes shots I wanted to share.

 We wanted to do a shoot celebrating our wonderfully quirky London home and so teamed up with super stylish Barber Streisand, the coolest place to get a trim...I mean, even Barbra herself has Instgrammed these guys! Their retro themed barber shop was the perfect location  for our photoshoot inspired by all of the amazing vintage pieces we've been working on recently. 

I absolutely loved the beautiful monochrome tiled floors, old-school leather chairs and the whole wall of amazing vintage photographs.  There was also the most gorgeous green walls that worked perfectly with our dusky pink silk pieces.

Our trendy barber was played by lovely London based actor Marc, and Zoe was as great as ever, but I think the star of the show may have been Goose, the cutest little dog from Exmouth market shop 'In With The Old'.

We'd spotted him outside the shop a few times and thought he would be perfect for the shoot and luckily his owners agreed. Our amazing team quickly whipped up a gorgeous little bow tie, lead and mini doggy waistcoat! 

He actually turned out to be a bit of a celebrity with people popping in to take snaps of him looking all dapper in his pink silk bow tie and we couldn't walk down the street without people calling his name.

We thought Goose looked so great in his bow tie that we had to give it to him as a little thank you present. I hear he has some Christmas parties he's planning on dressing up out ladies.