What's Really Going Through Your Head When You're Christmas Shopping

The festive season is here and as a self-confessed 'shop-a-holic' the thought of Christmas shopping excites me every year…However the reality is not always so sweet. From mile long queues to endless search for the perfect present - it can cause quite a headache! But it wouldn't be Christmas without it and I can guarantee the same things go through your head every year...

Why not come shopping at our lovely Cotes Mill home?

Why not come shopping at our lovely Cotes Mill home?

1.       I'm buying more for myself than anyone else…

As I've said before, I’ll be the first to admit that I'm obsessed with shopping! Therefore, you may assume I’d be good at Christmas shopping…but sadly not. Every year I tend to trail off the path for presents and find myself in the Topshop changing room with a huge pile of clothes…all for myself! Whilst treating yourself may make the trip more bearable, let’s face it, we can't help but get carried away!

2.       Why didn't I shop online?

The ease of shopping online really comes apparent at Christmas! Sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea in one hand and madly tapping away at your laptop in the other is a lot less stressful,  however we still seem to drag ourselves around the shops every year! 2014 Christmas statistics state that 61% did more than half or all of our Christmas shopping online…so why are the stores still so busy?!

3.       Why didn't we do Secret Santa?

Creating lists of who you need to buy for can seem like an endless task at this time of year, which always makes me wonder…why didn't we do a Secret Santa? Buying for one family member would have been soo much easier!  I suppose there’s always next year…

4.       I'm sure I can get this cheaper elsewhere…

For the more savvy shoppers amongst us, this may be one of the most annoying parts of Christmas! It all starts to add up and you finally realise just how expensive Christmas really is! But you’re here now…pay the extra £5, at least you’ll save on postage!

5.       How much have I spent?!

Never a good idea, but probably a much needed one! Attempting to add up what you've spent in one shopping trip can be a heart-breaking task, but without it I’d keep shopping until my card was declined!

6.       If I hear ‘All I want for Christmas’ one more time!?

I'm a massive lover of Christmas songs and I could easily listen to them all day at home or at the office but there is something very frustrating about listening to the jolly tunes when you’re in a stress-filled shopping frenzy!

7.       Why are there so many queues?

Having previously worked in retail myself I do understand how hectic retail is at Christmas and that shops cannot create tills out of thin air, but as a customer seeing a mile long queue is likely to have me heading for the door!

8.       I like this….so they will too, right?!

A fool-proof way of buying presents…or so we think! Not everyone has the same great taste as you, but then again if they don’t like it…you can always keep it!

9.       What colour scheme is my wrapping going to be?!

Okay, granted this may not be everyone's first thought at Christmas but it's definitely mine! I LOVE WRAPPING PRESENTS! Everyone thinks I'm mad…and maybe I am but wrapping presents is my favourite part of Christmas but I’ll be the first to admit that it causes me major stress every year! All my presents must have matching paper, a well-coordinated tag, bow and scissor made curls! Sad huh?!

10.   I should have started this way earlier!

The one thought that hovers in your mind for the whole of December, why didn't I start earlier?! There’s always someone who has got their Christmas shopping out the way by mid November and you can’t help but be just a little jealous!

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