Feeling Inspired

We have been busy finding lots and lots of inspiration and now we are feeling super inspired to create some bold and edgy shots for our next Pink Pantaloon shoot.

Our pink silky underwear is beautiful and each style has a soft, delicate look to it. Our previous photo shoots have really complemented this chilled out vibe, and we love the shots we’ve produced, but we think it’s time to mix it up a bit and be a little more bold, bright and edgy.

We want to use the colour pink in a strong way, we want to use other colours in a strong way. We also want to make the most of the fact that we are based in the amazing city of London, we want to shoot against the graffiti covered walls and the busy city streets.

We collect lots of inspiration on our Pinterest page, whether it be underwear style inspiration, fashion inspiration, photoshoot inspiration or just plain pink inspiration. We love it! You can check out our Pinterest page here.

Here are a few PINK inspirational shots we love…