A visit to the London College of Fashion exhibition...

We decided to check out the London College of Fashion Exhibition last week in search of lots of inspiration, new shoot ideas and to just see what’s new in the crazy world of fashion.

We headed down to Shoreditch High Street where the exhibition was being held in a quirky old warehousey type building. The building was big and it was all neatly glazed at the front with beautiful big white brick walls inside, it got kind of dark and dingy and dungeon like the further in you explored, very cool!

The exhibition was completely free to enter and there was lots and lots to see. There was a mixture of fashion, photography, live installations, videos and lots of beautiful portfolios to have a good look through. I must admit, I was expecting a lot more actual pieces of clothing, there really wasn’t many at all, but there was plenty of other interesting exhibits which actually ended up being my favourites. It was the more techy installations which seemed to catch my eye… oh and the students had created some of their own amazing fashion journals which could easily be on the shelves of trendy shops and book stores all over London, they were beautiful! I took some pictures of my fave bits to share with you… 

I love fashion photography and there was some really beautiful shots on display here. 

A beautifully illustrated story being projected onto these plain white blocks. Such a cool idea... and pretty hard to catch in stills, I should have taken a video!!! 

An amazing neon light installation... looking through these shapes created the coolest frames, you could look at this from so many angles and get a unique image each time. What a cool backdrop for a fashion shoot this could be....

I love this little iPad display! 

Some reallyyyy nice fashion journals created by the students. I could have spent all day flicking through these.


p.s. We did a brand new photoshoot on Thursday…  we really love how the images have turned out and are super excited to share them with you. Watch this space!!!