My first shoot!

As a newbie to the Pink Pantaloon team, I was so excited to kick things off with a brand new shoot. And what a way to begin!! The sun was shining, the grounds looked breathtaking and the models were so much fun! 

With Wimbledon around the corner we were inspired to do a sexy British Summer sports shoot. As all of our underwear is handmade in Leciestershire, England we wanted to reflect our British sporting heritage and traditions, whilst keeping the modern edge of The Pink Pantaloon Company.

Initially inspired by the classic Athena 'Tennis Girl' image, we went on the hunt for some quirky vintage sports gear mixed with cool contemporary pieces.  

These amazing original Dunlop tennis rackets were actually hidden at the back of my Mum and Dad's shed from their 80s tennis phase along with the cocktail set and the Boy George CDs.

The wimbledon theme quickly expanded into a Summer of sports. The Oxbridge boat race is so quintessentially British and when we saw the amazing river Soar, we knew it was just too beautiful not to shoot! 

Sticking with the modern-retro look, this boho inspired outfit was one of my favourites! The Zoe Playsuit looks effortlessly cool, whilst the classic George Pantaloons have a real British boating club feel. 


Everything we make is inspired by and made from this amazing dusky pink silk. From underwear to headbands to mini doggy waistcoats...there really is no limit. We just want to make cool, comfortable and beautifully made pieces that we're proud to call our products. 

I had so much fun running round, trying out all our crazy ideas and learning the ropes from Paul and Helen. With three cameras snapping away, curious onlookers may have confused us for paparazzi, but it's this fun, creative atmosphere that makes Pink Pantaloon so great!  I can't wait to put everything I've learnt into practice.

We have some really exciting things coming up in the pipeline... so watch this space!!