A brand new product!

We are super excited to introduce a brand new product to you!!! Please welcome the beautiful ‘Cécile Headscarf’ to our growing range of silky products. 

The Cécile Headscarf kind of happened by chance, we were thinking about how to style a particular outfit for our latest campaign shoot, when we remembered that one of our sewing girls had created a lovely scarf from some left over dusky pink silk. 

Helen grabbed the scarf and tied it around my head (I was the one modelling in these images… I don’t think I’ve told you that before!) At first it felt kind of strange and I think I said something along the lines of “why have you tied it to my head, isn’t it supposed to go around my neck!!?” but as soon as I turned to show the others they all loved it, it was something different and unique, it had that gorgeous boho/festivaly vibe which is super on-trend at the moment and it was so much cooler than a regular scarf! I love how these things happen so naturally at the PPco. and I love how Helen’s first instinct was not to tie the scarf around my neck, but to tie it around my head… and that’s how the Cécile Headscarf came to be! We knew it was too cool to keep as simply just a prop for a photoshoot, so we decided to introduce it as a whole new PP product for you guys. We hope you love it as much as we do!

The Cécile Headscarf is hand made from the same beautiful stretch pink silk as all of our other products and is priced at £28.

We think the scarf looks totally cool tied around your head, but of course you can still wear it around your neck or even around your waist as a beautiful belt… in fact, I’m sure you could find lots and lots of ways to use this lovely little thing. 

We are very excited to expand our range of Pink Pantaloon products to make them a little more accessible to everybody. We are working on some more beautiful accessories and other quirky ideas, so watch this space!! 

To order the beautiful and brand new Cécile Headscarf, please click here. 

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