PP Tees & Polaroid Pictures

We had an idea to make some quirky slogan t-shirts to use in our photoshoots, and seeing as we have lots of cool shoot ideas to work through we didn’t waste any time in getting the first lot of tees designed and printed up for a bit of a trial run.

We knew we wanted our PP tees to be clean and simple but really eye catching, with a slogan or line of text that kind of makes you look twice and think ‘what did that just say!?’ … and it goes without saying, they had to have something ‘pink’ about them!

We ordered a few different plain t-shirts designs, some baggy tees, some tight, some baseball styles and some crops. One thing we were set on though, was that the t-shirts had to be lovely quality, soft and just the right amount of slouchy.

I had this idea to shoot the tees on my polaroid camera, I knew it would give a very different look to all of our previous PP shoots, but we were super keen to switch things up a bit and try something new anyway. We’d also been researching some cool locations to try, and living in London means we’re pretty spoilt for choice. We remembered a place we had read about a while ago, it’s called ‘Leake Street’ and is an incredible tunnel of graffiti which runs underneath the platform and tracks of Waterloo Station. We knew this would be a perfect place to shoot our new tees, and it definitely didn't disappoint, it was so incredibly cool! I'd definitely recommend checking it out if you're in London and fancy going a little off the beaten track to see some really amazing art.

We took loads and loads of shots in a few of our different t-shirt designs, some on my polaroid and some on my digital camera... but the polaroids were by far my faves. Letty and I took it in turns to model the tees and then take the pics, so much fun! oh and how cool does this tee design look!? with 'REAL MEN' on the front and 'WEAR PINK' on the back, we caught lots of people doing a double take as they walked past us on the streets of London! 

We will share all of our favourite images in another blog post, but for now I really wanted to show you the polaroids we shot...

Pink Pantaloon Polaroids

They look cool, right!?  I love the super retro and grainy vibe, they've got a real sense of atmosphere and realness to them. You don't get many polaroid films in a pack and the packs are pretty pricey, so we had to get our poses on point on the first click of the camera! There was no taking a few snaps and flicking through to pick which ones we liked and which ones we didn't and then trying again. I liked that though, it made it exciting, especially the anticipation of waiting for each little film to develop to see if we nailed the picture.


We were very happy with how cool the tees ended up looking, so we’re thinking about selling a small selection of designs on our website. They definitely need a little tweaking though and we're keen to try out a few new designs before they’re ready for you guys to rock, but we love them so far and really hope you do too.


Watch this space for the rest of the images from our shoot and our other tee designs!