A Brief History

Hi guys, I’m Becky - Pink Pantaloon Co’s newest recruit! 

Being new to the team, I wanted to get an idea where the inspiration of PPco’s underwear comes from. What I found out was pretty cool, so I thought I’d share it with you guys! 

During the Tudor period stockings were the must-have accessory for all European royalty. Queen Elizabeth I was given a pair of silk stockings and declared “I like silk stockings so well, because they are pleasant, fine and delicate, that henceforth I will wear no more cloth stockings”… basically she had realised the brilliance of silk just like we have! Male aristocracy however didn’t jump on the new silk trend and still wore padded trunks with the infamous rigid codpiece to hide their modesty – ouch! 

In comparison to the royals, typical Tudor women wore ankle-length slips and men just tucked their shirts under their private parts; this was popular in early 1600’s when people thought that washing with water would cause disease…very bizarre!  

image source: bbc.co.uk

image source: bbc.co.uk

Men continued this peculiar habit until the late 1600’s when King Charles II debuted the pantaloons - our favourite classic style! He wore 13-inch long silk boxers, tightened with ribbons in one of his most famous portraits and started the trend amongst the wealthy members society which lasted for many years.

In the 1800’s western women were known to wear layers of petticoats and it wasn’t until 1840 that they were replaced by frilly pantalettes; an undergarment that resembled loose calf length trousers that were finished with a frill…like an old day Zoe playsuit – kind of. Most women were also choosing to physically damage their body by wearing tight corsetry in order to follow the strict trends of the time – we’ve all been guilty of wearing some shocking outfits to follow a new trend but this is taking it a bit too far! 

By the early 20th century, the boned corsets luckily faded out and left only supportive girdles in their place. Then by the 1960’s it took the independent women who embraced their natural curves to uncover the beauty of the simple bra and pants – who’d of thought it’d take this long! 

Here at Pink Pantaloon Co we love classic British styling and it’s often been the basis to many of our designs. From the classic George Pantaloon to the modern Zoe Playsuit, we believe that putting a contemporary twist on a British classic is what makes a our underwear so very special.