A Very Fashionable Future

In the midst of fashion week I thought I’d focus on something a little quirkier than just what is on the catwalk and something that’s all over the blogosphere at the minute - fashion-tech!

From umbrellas that change colour in the rain to touch screen gloves, fashion tech is everywhere at the minute and it’s really hard to believe some of these things are actually possible! I’ll be the first to admit that some of the crazy ideas that have been conjured up are a little ‘out there’ and probably not something that you’d want to be seen wearing... but other things are so cool and answer all of our  problems - it’s as if we've designed them ourselves!

So I decided to collate some of the coolest (and most fashionable!) tech on the market and this is what I found: 

1.       Everpurse X Kate Spade

The amazing collaboration with Everpurse and Kate Spade is like something we've always dreamed of! These beautifully designed Kate Spade bags include a charging pocket which will charge your iPhone all day long – perfect for snapping some pics at fashion week! To charge your bag just place it on the charging pad and once the light goes green your bag is fully charged and ready for the day! Pretty cool huh?! These gorgeous bags cost between $198 - $698 and can be bought from everpurse.com

2.       Ringly

This is by far one of the most discrete pieces of fashion tech I have ever seen! This super gorgeous ring actually subtly vibrates when your phone has a notification. You connect your ring to the ‘Ringly’ app that can be downloaded onto your smartphone and then you can assign a colour and vibration to each type of notification so you always know what’s going on! To recharge your ring, just place it in the Ringly ring box! You’ll always be fashionable but you’ll never be late again! See the whole collection at ringly.com

images:  www.ringly.com

3.       Mira Smart bracelet

Mira technology is all about empowering women to chose a healthier lifestyle and become a better person. The Mira smart bracelet is a super stylish, modern bracelet that monitors your every day habits and tells you what you’re doing right and wrong. The Mira technology can actually be taken out of the bracelet and put in your pocket or clipped onto your clothes making it super versatile! These gorgeous bracelets come in a range of colours including Gold, Brown, Black and Rose Gold and can be bought at mymirafit.com

4.       Tzukuri

I’ll admit this is a bit of an odd one! But Tzukuri have found a gap in the market and the potential to stamp out an annoying habit. They have designed a range of sunglasses that have built in technology so that they’re ‘unloseable’. By downloading the Tzukuri app you will receive a notification if you’ve forgotten your glasses and you’ll be able to track where you've left them using the map feature. Unfortunately pre-order has now ended however they are set to be released in March this year, so we can grab a pair well in time for summer!

images:  www.tzukuri.com

5.       Shreddies

Our sister company Shreddies Ltd have created the coolest pants on the market! Shreddies create flatulence filtering underwear! Using a Zorflex back panel, Shreddies filters all odours, leaving you free to 'fart with confidence' without anyone knowing! The super discrete design of these pants makes them a wardrobe staple and stops you from blaming the dog! In recent years Shreddies have also created flatulence filtering jeans and PJ’s which are also super stylish and they’re now working on chinos and trousers too! To find out more about Shreddies please visit: www.myshreddies.com