Making a Case For 'Big' Pants

‘Big pants’ have always had a bit of a stigma, not wanting to look like ‘Bridget Jones’ has definitely made us opt for an uncomfortable thong more often then we'd like to admit... Well, we are happy to announce that big pants are making a comeback! 

The return this year of Bridget Jones - a pin-up for the more capacious pant - cements the cultural moment for the unbrief-brief.
— Charlotte Sinclair

The day of the thong is well and truly over and according to Vogue we should definitely be making the move into a larger, more comfortable brief! The fifties style high waist are already popular amongst the A-list and there was also more than a little flash of ‘big’ pants at the recent D&G & Burberry catwalk shows! Wearing a pair of high waisted pants with an otherwise sheer outfit seems like a popular choice too, with everyone from Kim Kardashian to Taylor Swift, Beyoncé to Amber Valletta all having tried this look recently. 

Image: www,  -  Amber Valletta

Image: www,  -  Amber Valletta

It’s not hard to see why these changes are happening, girl power is stronger than ever and so why shouldn't we be empowering ourselves with comfort over sex appeal!? With the return of the nineties being a huge hit this season it’s no surprise that we are adopting the 90’s grunge style in underwear too with branded waistbands and ‘girl boxers’ also super popular at the minute including Calvin Klein’s latest campaign including Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid sporting these styles! 

Image -  -  Kendall Jenner for Calvin Klein

Image -  -  Kendall Jenner for Calvin Klein

However we think that these styles can be super sexy as well as comfortable, high waisted pants don't have to be made of cotton with an unflattering elasticated waist (unless you like that kind of thing!). We think that well made, beautifully designed pants can look just as sexy as we may have thought only a g-string could achieve. Our gorgeous India High Waist and Kitty Girl Boxers are making a front for sexy pants that provide the utmost comfort! 

Our super sexy ' India High Waist Knickers '..

Our super sexy 'India High Waist Knickers'..

Our beautiful ' Kitty Girls Boxer '...

Our beautiful 'Kitty Girls Boxer'...