Festival Essentials

For those of you who are lucky enough to be heading to a festival this summer we have collated a list of 5 festival essentials that you don't want to forget! 

1. Portable Charger

The most annoying thing about camping is the lack of electricity! Make sure you get yourself a portable charger (or maybe two!) to keep your phone charged up and ready for pictures for the whole weekend! 

   Anker Portable Phone Charger -  Buy Here.


Anker Portable Phone Charger - Buy Here.

2. Waterproof Gadget Case

It's not a British festival if it doesn't rain, so it's probably a good idea to protect your phone/camera from the weather by using a waterproof gadget case. No more worries from flooded tents and muddy puddles as your phone is protected and can be worn around your neck for security too! 

Jobe Gadget Case -  Buy Here.

Jobe Gadget Case - Buy Here.

3. Boutique Camping Tent Finder App

This may be the best app invention for festivals, in what seems like a sea of tents it can be surprisingly hard to find which one is yours, especially at night! The BC Tent app allows you to snapshot certain locations and save them so you can easily find them again! It also includes a compass in case you have no GPS, a torch, weather information and an instruction manual of how to put up your tent! 

Camping App - Download Here.

Camping App - Download Here.

4.Polaroid Camera

For those snaps you just can't wait to share, take a Polaroid camera! Share with your new found friends or stash away for the memory box!  

Fujifilm Instax -  Buy Here.

Fujifilm Instax - Buy Here.

5. Camp Shower

The worst thing about festivals is the showers - so why not bring your own! The Camp Shower is hung up and uses solar power to heat the water up so it's ready to whenever you need it! Just undo the valve and shower freely! 

Camp Shower -  Buy Here.

Camp Shower - Buy Here.