The True Cost

My mum told me I just had to watch a documentary called ‘The True Cost’… so when I visited home last weekend, we snuggled down on the sofa and popped it on.

‘The True Cost’ is all about the clothes we wear, the people who make them and the terrible effect that the ‘fast fashion’ industry is having on our world. It is totally fascinating and I promise, it will make you think twice about where and how you shop.

I suppose I'm a bit ashamed to say that I was completely unaware and had absolutely no idea just how much of an impact this industry is having on our planet and the people living here. I'm happy that I know now, and besides, it's never too late to make a change. 

I don't want to bore you with a ton of information, but if you're just like me and feel a little un-educated on this subject, then maybe you might find this little insight helpful...

A clothing factory in Bangladesh

A clothing factory in Bangladesh

The term ‘fast fashion’ describes the way in which high street fashion retailers must respond amazingly quickly to changing fashion trends. These trends used to change only twice a year, usually with a Spring/Summer and an Autumn/Winter collection, but now they are changing every single week. Shops such as Topshop, H&M, Primark and Zara must keep up with the extremely fast changing trends to stay current and competitive, and the only way to make these clothes quickly and cheaply enough is to outsource the manufacturing and labor to other countries and continents. It's crazy, 97% of all clothing items are now made overseas. Unfortunately, our environment and a staggering amount of factory workers are paying the ultimate cost, just so we can get our weekly fashion fix.

A clothing factory in Bangladesh

A clothing factory in Bangladesh

This documentary follows the lives of some of the people who spend their days and nights working away in these factories. It was heart-breaking to see, the conditions they are forced to work in are unbelievable and they get paid next to nothing for hours and hours of intense labor. There are around 40 million garment workers in the world today and the majority of these workers do not share the same rights or protections that many people in the West do. ‘The True Cost’ also told the story of the devastating ‘Rana Plaza’ disaster, where a clothing factory in Bangladesh collapsed, killing over 1,100 workers… it had severe structural issues which had been ignored time after time, in order to keep the factory running.  

2013, the Rana Plaza disaster

2013, the Rana Plaza disaster

Oh, and did you know that the global fashion industry is the now the world's second most polluting industry? me neither. The world now consumes about 80 billion new pieces of clothing every year. This is 400% more than the amount we consumed just two decades ago, unbelievable, right? As new clothing comes into our lives, we also discard it at a shocking pace. According to the True Cost website, the average person now generates about 82 pounds of textile waste each year. Historically, clothing has been something we have held onto for a long time, but with cheap clothing now abundantly available we are beginning to see the things we wear as disposable.

This fascinating documentary got me thinking about The Pink Pantaloon Co. and how incredible it is that we hand-make every single piece of our beautiful silky pink underwear right here at our Cotes Mill home in the UK. I always knew it was very cool, and quite unusual, that all of our lovely pieces are British made, but I never knew just how cool. 

Cotes Mill, Leicestershire, the home of The Pink Pantaloon Co. 

Cotes Mill, Leicestershire, the home of The Pink Pantaloon Co. 

Fashion used to be special, you’d buy a quality, beautifully made piece and it would last you a lifetime. You’d love it so much you’d never want to take it off, you'd want to wear it over and over and over again, it wouldn’t just go out of fashion, it would be timeless. I think our Pink Pantaloon pieces are bringing that very sentiment back, and that’s got to be something to be proud of. 

A shot from our most recent PP shoot, on the streets of London. 

A shot from our most recent PP shoot, on the streets of London. 

I’m totally guilty of being swept away into this ‘fast fashion’ world, as I’m sure many of you guys are too, and don’t get me wrong I do love a good bargain. But, I will now think way more than twice before buying that £2 t-shirt from Primark. Investing your money into a beautiful, quality, ethically produced product is the way to go, I'm sure of it. I'll be wearing my Pink Pantaloons for many years to come! 

If you'd like to watch 'The True Cost' for yourselves you will find it on Netflix, Amazon Prime and the Apple Store to name just a few places. You can also check out their website at for way more info and tips on how to 'shop smarter'. Go and check it out! 

Why I Love Autumn...

My favourite time of the year has arrived! Don’t get me wrong, I love the summer sun but there is something really lovely about autumn! Cold winter walks, hot chocolate and cable knit jumpers may be amongst my favourite things, so autumn’s definitely the one for me.

I put together a little list of why autumn is definitely the best month!

1.       The colour!

You only have to look out the window to appreciate how beautiful autumn is! The orange leaves falling from the trees, conkers scattered everywhere and the crisp cold air is just beautiful!



2.       It’s’ the perfect excuse to go shopping!

New season = new wardrobe and for me, the best thing about autumn is the fashion! Chunky oversized jumpers, fur coats and just more than a passing obsession with boots - I must own over 20 pairs! Layering becomes compulsory and bringing an umbrella when leaving the house is also a must, especially when living in England! The autumn colour palette is also amazing, the bold colours of summer have been laid to rest and a new range of brown, mustard, burgundy and navy have appeared and they’re all over the high street! So it’s time to dig out your favourite winter coat (or pop out and buy a new one!), layer up and face this beautifully crisp weather!



3.       The extra hour in bed!

Nothing is worse than waking up on a cold autumn morning, when it’s still dark and the temperature is consistently below zero! But the extra hour in bed makes it all better! Even though we only feel the benefit of it for the first night, the thought carries us through the cold months!



4.       Halloween and bonfire night!

The best nights are all during the autumn/winter season! Halloween is always so much fun, I don’t think I’ll ever grow too old to enjoy it, it may have something to do with the huge tub of sweets that I can’t help diving into…

Bonfire night is my favourite night of the year! I’m a massive firework lover, they amaze me and I always make sure I go to see a good show and living in Leicestershire, we are spoilt for choice!



5.       CHRISTMAS!

Then of course…the countdown to Christmas has arrived, shopping centres are dressed with baubles and lights, department stores are playing all the Christmas tracks and you find yourself watching the odd festive film on a Sunday afternoon. So, although it’s still over a month till Christmas, you can’t avoid the festive buzz so you may as well embrace it!



6.       Hot drinks

Autumn is always a great excuse to eat an unhealthy amount of hot chocolate! Whether you’re creating your own that’s dripping with whipped cream and topped with a marshmallow tower or popping down to Costa to check out their Christmas menu; there’s something about the cold weather that makes it more acceptable to drink your body weight in hot drinks. My personal favourite Costa drink this year is their Caramel Fudge hot chocolate, although you can almost feel the calories piling on it’s soooo worth it!!



7.       Cosy nights in front of the fire!

There’s nothing better than curling up in front of the fire with a hot water bottle and a big winter blanket. Autumn nights seem to make it way more acceptable to stay in and slob on the sofa without feeling guilty! Or even spend a whole day without getting out of bed - will dominos deliver to my bedroom..?



8.       Good TV!

Cosy nights may be more acceptable due to TV being way better at this time of year! As much as we don’t like to admit it, we’re happy that the X factor is back, it makes staying in on a Saturday less depressing! I’m a Celeb is also back on our screens this Sunday and I’m so excited! There’s something strangely amusing about watching people squirm over snakes and spiders when you’re in the comfort of your own living room!



9.       Comfort food!

Winter food is hands down the best! Time to say goodbye to the healthy summer smoothies and slices of watermelon (that we may have eaten because it makes a good Instagram post!) and say hello to warm, hearty soups and way too many s’mores! Stews, pies and an unhealthy amount dumplings make for a great autumn menu!



10.   The smell of Cinnamon and Pumpkin!

You can’t escape it! Whether it’s fresh cinnamon buns, a Christmas candle or your favourite pumpkin spiced latte it’s the smell of the season and it just makes us more excited for Christmas!



Behind the Scenes at our Latest Shoot

Last week PPco caused quite a stir on Exmouth Market. I think we may have made the builders' day when we turned up with Zoe dressed in our sexy pink lingerie! But it wasn't just the builders, everyone couldn't resist stopping to peep in and to see what we were up to...and when we saw how amazing the shots turned out, we couldn't really blame them. In between dashing around helping everyone out, I managed to take some sneaky behind the scenes shots I wanted to share.

 We wanted to do a shoot celebrating our wonderfully quirky London home and so teamed up with super stylish Barber Streisand, the coolest place to get a trim...I mean, even Barbra herself has Instgrammed these guys! Their retro themed barber shop was the perfect location  for our photoshoot inspired by all of the amazing vintage pieces we've been working on recently. 

I absolutely loved the beautiful monochrome tiled floors, old-school leather chairs and the whole wall of amazing vintage photographs.  There was also the most gorgeous green walls that worked perfectly with our dusky pink silk pieces.

Our trendy barber was played by lovely London based actor Marc, and Zoe was as great as ever, but I think the star of the show may have been Goose, the cutest little dog from Exmouth market shop 'In With The Old'.

We'd spotted him outside the shop a few times and thought he would be perfect for the shoot and luckily his owners agreed. Our amazing team quickly whipped up a gorgeous little bow tie, lead and mini doggy waistcoat! 

He actually turned out to be a bit of a celebrity with people popping in to take snaps of him looking all dapper in his pink silk bow tie and we couldn't walk down the street without people calling his name.

We thought Goose looked so great in his bow tie that we had to give it to him as a little thank you present. I hear he has some Christmas parties he's planning on dressing up out ladies.  

Making Pink Memories

Here at PPco we have had a really busy couple of weeks with the Exmouth market photo shoot and the further development of our new products every day, it’s easy to get lost in our crazy pink world. Therefore we decided it would be a really cool idea to create a scrapbook of our previous collections, the development of our new products and the many inspiring images, quotes and fabrics that have shaped Pink Pantaloon! We’ve been working on it for a few weeks now and I think it looks really cool, so I wanted to share it with you guys!

Our beautiful mood board

Our beautiful mood board

The first thing we created was a really busy mood board full of textures! The silk that we use and the tweed that’s been used on some new products (spoiler alert!) sit beautifully next to images of old photo shoots, inspiring vintage photos of Cambridge and Oxford sports teams and dogs wearing bow ties - it sounds a little bizarre but we can assure you it looks great! We have also added a lovely wax stamp with our PPco logo and a guinea fowl feather from our own pet guinea fowls! 

Fabric and Trim Development

Fabric and Trim Development

Creating a scrap book is so fun because not everything has to be perfect (in fact it looks better when your ideas are scrawled across the page) it just has to be relevant. This makes it so cool because everyone can get involved and add their own ideas which come together and create something really amazing!

Vintage Research

Vintage Research

We also did some research on the best online vintage companies and it has given us some great ideas for potential new ventures for PPco however we don't want to give too much away so I'll just leave you with some images of our lovely scrapbook pages!

The Pink Pantaloon Co at Barber Streisand

How cool do our barber shop photos look!? We just couldn't wait to share a few sneaky snaps from yesterdays shoot with you. 

The location was a very quirky and very lovely little barber shop on Exmouth market called 'Barber Streisand' ... is that not the best name you've ever heard!? ahhhh I love it. 

Oh, and 'Goose', the famous little dog on Exmouth Market, made an appearance in the shoot too. He was honestly the best, cutest, most perfect dog I have ever met and I really just wanted to take him home with me. We even made him his own little pink pantaloon bow tie and tweed jacket, way too cute!

Anyway, we'll share the rest of the images and lots more details with you next week, but for now we really hope you like this little taster...


The Next Pink Pantaloon Photoshoot...

The final preparations are being made for our next Pink Pantaloon photoshoot which is happening tomorrow… we can’t wait!

So far, all of our PP shoots have taken place at our beautiful Cotes Mill home in Leicestershire, but seeing as half the team work down here in London we decided the big city would be the perfect spot for the next one.

I don’t want to give too much away, but I’ve got a really good feeling about this one! So, I’ll share just a few little clues of what we’ve got planned…

Think, a lovely little retro barbers shop on Exmouth Market, lots of beautiful dusky pink silk lingerie, vintage Chanel, DVF and Balenciaga, a very cute little terrier dressed in tweed, baby pink hair and a super trendy, bearded barber.

And as you might already know, our fave thing to do here at The Pink Pantaloon Co is to collect beautiful images and find inspiration from just about everywhere and anywhere we can. The other day I was searching online for something, I can’t quite remember what, and I came across such a cool image. An image that completely fitted with what we have planned for tomorrow and an image that is totally inspiring. It's just perfect, I love it.

This image appeared in an issue of Vogue Turkey in 2011. The model is the very beautiful Julia Saner, and the photographer is Ahmet Polat...

It just looks like a normal day, like those old barbers aren't even batting an eyelid at the fact they have a beautiful model sat in their chair. Love it! 

Anyway, as I said before I don't want to give too much away. So I'll just leave you with this little teaser for now. We really can't wait to see the shots we come out with tomorrow and we can't wait to show you guys too! Keep your eyes peeled!


Mademoiselle Privé

Chanel’s new Mademoiselle Privé exhibition has been described as the ‘Chanel version of Alice in Wonderland’. Whilst we wish we could fall down the rabbit hole and end up in the Saatchi Gallery ourselves, living in Leicestershire means this is not always possible! So it’s a good job there’s plenty of inside info available for us to ogle at online and some amazing articles for us to get lost in.

image:                                 Reconstruction of the famous mirrored stair case in the Chanel store in Paris.

image:                                 Reconstruction of the famous mirrored stair case in the Chanel store in Paris.

The French fashion house is currently taking over all three floors of the Saatchi Gallery, situated on Kings Road, London from 23rd October - 1st ~November. The exhibition is said to take you on a journey through the history of Chanel garments, wildly popular Chanel no5 perfume and not forgetting the gorgeous ‘Bijoux de Diamants’ jewellery collection.

image:                                                                                                              Chanel no5 Perfume Room

image:                                                                                                              Chanel no5 Perfume Room

The exhibition begins with a reconstruction of the famous mirrored stair case in Chanel’s Paris salon, where Coco Chanel herself would spend many hours observing the reactions of her customers. As the exhibit continues it captures all the important landmarks in her life including the opening of her first store and the summers she spent in Scotland which went on to be the inspiration behind her signature tweed jackets and skirt suits. But the exhibition is really about how Karl Lagerfeld has carried on the Chanel legacy and made the brand what it is today and features some of his gorgeous couture gowns! 

The exhibit has taken a modern twist on the traditional exhibition by introducing a Mademoiselle Privé app! You can use the app to guide you through the exhibition and it reveals more information about what you’re looking at. For example pointing your smart phone at the apartment door will reveal Gabrielle Chaplin as a 50-something year old Coco sitting in her apartment. 

image:                                                                                                                          Mademoiselle App!

image:                                                                                                                          Mademoiselle App!

It’s clear that the brand has really thought about every detail of this exhibit and the best part…its free! So we would definitely recommend a visit if you find yourself in the capital before November 1st! 

A Vintage Twist

The past week has been a busy one here at PPco but that just makes it more exciting! It’s great coming to a job where you don’t know what tomorrow will bring…what exciting inspiration we might find and what crazy pink ideas we may conjure up. But it’s not fair that only we get to experience this excitement so I thought I’d keep you all updated with some of our recent news!!

In the past week we have really focussed on what PPco means as a brand, what it's bringing to the market and why it’s just so unique! Through a number of product meetings we have started to develop our new range and it already looks amazing! From sourcing the best quality fabrics to ensuring every item compliments the collection, we haven’t missed a thing and we can’t wait to show you guys the outcome!

To visit our Pinterest click  here .

To visit our Pinterest click here.

For inspiration for this new collection we turned to our favourite social media platform…Pinterest! We were looking for vintage style underwear that we could use for inspiration in new designs and we found some beautiful images. We were scrolling through Pinterest and enjoying the delicate images of pantaloons, high-waisted knickers and other vintage delights when we found some beautiful vintage jumpers…Knowing that vintage is a trend that never goes out of fashion we thought why not!? So we went searching for a vintage cricket jumper that we could use in photo-shoots and seeing all the bespoke garments on the way it lead to us wanting to buy more and more! So we went searching for some beautiful vintage garments that fit perfectly with PPco’s new vintage twist! We purchased some lovely garments and whether they’re going to be used in photo-shoots or in our own vintage range we just don't know!

It’s so lovely here at PPco because nothing is black and white (well, most things are pink!) and we don’t always play by the rules so we experiment as much as we want with fun designs, silky fabric and beautiful decorations whilst making sure no stitch is out of place.  It’s an exciting and really motivating experience when building a brand and I’m so happy I get to be involved in building the Pink Pantaloon Co. Every product has been beautifully made at our Cotes Mill home and every detail is checked by our lovely production girls. We are very lucky to have such a great team behind the brand and we hope you love our new collection when it’s launched!

Our beautiful Cotes Mill Home.                                                                                  Image:

Our beautiful Cotes Mill Home.                                                                                  Image:


Pink is this season’s key colour trend! According to Glamour magazine pink is making a comeback this A/W and we couldn't be more excited!

After Vogue named pink its colour of the season back in July I started to think our favourite hue had already had his 5 minutes of fame this year, however 3 months later it's making a bold return to spruce up your Autumn/Winter wardrobe. From soft baby pink jumpers to metallic pink high tops it’s clear to see this colour can be worn in so many ways and is a lot less scary than you might think! For the braver among you opt for a bright pink mini skirt or a daring pink shift dress however for the more modest trend followers opting for a subtle pink lipstick can look just as chic.

By the looks of some of the best AW fashion shows at Fashion Week all designers were jumping on the band wagon and adding a splash of pink to their collections. Mary Katrantzou showed a range of pink fur in deep raspberry and rose, Dolce and Gabbana showcased floral baby pink dresses, Christopher Kane added splashes of magenta to his garments and Jonathan Saunders showed bubble-gum accents in his retro 60’s style show.



To cut a long story short it looks like we’re not the only lovers of this brilliant colour and we couldn't be happier about it! If you’re thinking about joining the pink trend and you’re still a little wary why not start with a pair of our beautiful dusky pink pantaloons - they’re soft, sexy and ever so stylish! 

To view our full range click here.



Pink Pants, Roller Skates and Hula Hoops!

Filmed by Peggy Pollock & Collette Black Edited by Tim Cooper & Paul O'Leary Music by Mark Price

The Rolla Girls took to Brighton sea front to cause a stir in true Pink Pantaloon style! Brighton was the perfect spot for our circus inspired shoot and the Rolla Girls put on a brilliant show!  Watch the video of our latest shoot now and take a look at our beautiful Pink Pantaloons in action! 

Lingerie Lovers

When you’re in need of some new inspiration it’s always best to look to those who have once been in your footsteps. So in our case this means gazing at the lovely lingerie brands in the market to fill our mind with new exciting ideas!

Here at PPco we believe it’s so important to stray from the crowd in order to create something new and exciting that’s really going to catch people’s attention, but there’s nothing wrong with doing a bit of a background check on our fellow lingerie lovers. So I started trawling the Internet for some exciting lingerie companies and I came across some real gems that I had to share with you guys!

One of my particular favourites was Fleur of England, which was founded in 2001 by Fleur Turner. This brand focuses on good fitting, beautiful and sexy underwear! My favourite collection is the Caress Collection, the beautiful vintage rose toned lace and silk is really something special! The collection has a vintage romance feel about it and if my pockets were deeper, I’d buy the lot! 



Another lingerie company that caught my eye was Carine Gilson and whilst her prices may be a little steep, the beautiful detailing in her designs makes it ever so tempting to treat yourself. What I loved the most about Carine Gilson was the majority of her garments are based on Gardens of Eden and include tropical birds, flowers and trees - usually lingerie brands don’t have a running theme throughout their collections but I think it works really well! My favourite collection would be her SS15 collection; the use of pinks and purples with delicate lace detailing is just stunning! Her beautiful, hand crafted garments made of the most exquisite silk has really put Carine Gilson on the map as one of the most desired lingerie brands in the market!



It’s clear to see there are many fellow lingerie lovers that we can gain some very valuable inspiration from! At PPco we believe all you need is a little enthusiasm and you can create something really special! Whether it’s looking at the history of British heritage, researching others in the market or simply taking a walk around our beautiful mill – there is inspiration everywhere! 

LFW 2015

Our favourite week of the year is now over and it’s safe to say it’s been a good one! Here at PPco we can’t wait for the day we’re strutting our pink knickers down the LFW catwalk, however this year we could only admire others and stand in awe of some truly amazing designs.

The Burberry show is without a doubt the most popular show at LFW and once again they did not disappoint. With an A-list front row consisting of models Cara Delevigne, Jourdan Dunn and Kate Moss along with artists Sam Smith and Paloma Faith it’s no surprise the Burberry show was the place to be seen.  Burberry has always been a brand that has represented British fashion and therefore it’s no surprise that their London shows are so popular! In their own words Burberry have summarised their SS16 collection as ‘classic coats and functional pieces mixed with elements of regalia. English lace and floor-length satin dresses with biker jackets’ – not only does this sound exciting but it also looks amazing!



Here are two of my favourite looks from Burberry’s show! This silk jumpsuit is gorgeous, I love the fluidity of silk it always looks so elegant! I've also fallen in love with this pink dress – the sheer panels give it a real edge and the detailing is amazing - along with the colour!


Hopefully by next year we will be walking the runway wearing our own brilliant Pink Pantaloons but for now it's time to wave goodbye to London Fashion Week for another year.

A Brief History

Hi guys, I’m Becky - Pink Pantaloon Co’s newest recruit! 

Being new to the team, I wanted to get an idea where the inspiration of PPco’s underwear comes from. What I found out was pretty cool, so I thought I’d share it with you guys! 

During the Tudor period stockings were the must-have accessory for all European royalty. Queen Elizabeth I was given a pair of silk stockings and declared “I like silk stockings so well, because they are pleasant, fine and delicate, that henceforth I will wear no more cloth stockings”… basically she had realised the brilliance of silk just like we have! Male aristocracy however didn’t jump on the new silk trend and still wore padded trunks with the infamous rigid codpiece to hide their modesty – ouch! 

In comparison to the royals, typical Tudor women wore ankle-length slips and men just tucked their shirts under their private parts; this was popular in early 1600’s when people thought that washing with water would cause disease…very bizarre!  

image source:

image source:

Men continued this peculiar habit until the late 1600’s when King Charles II debuted the pantaloons - our favourite classic style! He wore 13-inch long silk boxers, tightened with ribbons in one of his most famous portraits and started the trend amongst the wealthy members society which lasted for many years.

In the 1800’s western women were known to wear layers of petticoats and it wasn’t until 1840 that they were replaced by frilly pantalettes; an undergarment that resembled loose calf length trousers that were finished with a frill…like an old day Zoe playsuit – kind of. Most women were also choosing to physically damage their body by wearing tight corsetry in order to follow the strict trends of the time – we’ve all been guilty of wearing some shocking outfits to follow a new trend but this is taking it a bit too far! 

By the early 20th century, the boned corsets luckily faded out and left only supportive girdles in their place. Then by the 1960’s it took the independent women who embraced their natural curves to uncover the beauty of the simple bra and pants – who’d of thought it’d take this long! 

Here at Pink Pantaloon Co we love classic British styling and it’s often been the basis to many of our designs. From the classic George Pantaloon to the modern Zoe Playsuit, we believe that putting a contemporary twist on a British classic is what makes a our underwear so very special. 



Where to shop vintage Berlin...


The Street style in Berlin is truly something to both marvel at and envy in equal proportions... everyone just looks so cool! So on my recent trip to Germany's fashion capital I couldn't wait to discover some amazing vintage shops in an attempt to get my hands on some pieces that epitomise Berliner's quirky signature style.  

 Our first stop was Humana, a huge second-hand clothes store opposite Frankfurter Tor station. With more of a charity shop feel, this six story maze is a popular shop for bargain hunters of all ages. To avoid trawling though the rails for hours on end, I would recommend heading straight to the top floor where all of the 'vintage' pieces are kept. Again, it is a bit hit and miss but there are some real gems that you can find at rock-bottom prices. 

However, if you're not one for hunting for your fashion prey, there were plenty of shops who do the hard work for you, filtering down the second hand finds to the best of Berlin’s style. However, this does come at a price, but think more We Are Cow's reworked vintage than Orion London's retro boutique. 

Trendy district Kreuzberg, has plenty of cool clothes shops dotted around. Sing Blackbird, located on Sanderstraße is possibly one of the best. This popular shop come café is a great spot to find some pretty pieces whilst stopping for an all-important coffee and cake break!

Slightly further away from the centre you will find the borough of Neukölln. In my much loved London analogy, if Kreuzberg was Shoreditch, Neukölln would be Dalston. This upcoming cool, but lesser known region is full of cheap eats and chic shops. Calypt on Boddinstraße has more of a sports luxe vibe; I loved the amazing patterned swimsuits as well as all the vintage track tops.

About ten minutes walk away is a shop called Let Them Eat Cake. If you can get over the distracting sound of the shop assistant’s Facebook messenger interrupting the music, this place was great for finding gorgeous silk shirts and patterned pieces. There was also a 20% off sale and some rails outside had items for only €5 or €10!

Of course, there are lots of markets where you can discover your new favourite fashion staple. One of the biggest being Mauerpark flea market every Sunday. Here you can have your fashion fix along with a dose of live music and incredible food stalls from all over the world. Although, as it is quite tourist heavy, the prices may be a little higher than a classic flea market; but you can still get a great bargain! I got a lovely leather purse for only €3! An alternative to Mauerpark could be to check out Market on the Spree. This option is a lot quieter and cheaper with some vintage gems, granted amongst a lot of tat, but isn't that all part of the charm?! 


PP Tees & Polaroid Pictures

We had an idea to make some quirky slogan t-shirts to use in our photoshoots, and seeing as we have lots of cool shoot ideas to work through we didn’t waste any time in getting the first lot of tees designed and printed up for a bit of a trial run.

We knew we wanted our PP tees to be clean and simple but really eye catching, with a slogan or line of text that kind of makes you look twice and think ‘what did that just say!?’ … and it goes without saying, they had to have something ‘pink’ about them!

We ordered a few different plain t-shirts designs, some baggy tees, some tight, some baseball styles and some crops. One thing we were set on though, was that the t-shirts had to be lovely quality, soft and just the right amount of slouchy.

I had this idea to shoot the tees on my polaroid camera, I knew it would give a very different look to all of our previous PP shoots, but we were super keen to switch things up a bit and try something new anyway. We’d also been researching some cool locations to try, and living in London means we’re pretty spoilt for choice. We remembered a place we had read about a while ago, it’s called ‘Leake Street’ and is an incredible tunnel of graffiti which runs underneath the platform and tracks of Waterloo Station. We knew this would be a perfect place to shoot our new tees, and it definitely didn't disappoint, it was so incredibly cool! I'd definitely recommend checking it out if you're in London and fancy going a little off the beaten track to see some really amazing art.

We took loads and loads of shots in a few of our different t-shirt designs, some on my polaroid and some on my digital camera... but the polaroids were by far my faves. Letty and I took it in turns to model the tees and then take the pics, so much fun! oh and how cool does this tee design look!? with 'REAL MEN' on the front and 'WEAR PINK' on the back, we caught lots of people doing a double take as they walked past us on the streets of London! 

We will share all of our favourite images in another blog post, but for now I really wanted to show you the polaroids we shot...

Pink Pantaloon Polaroids

They look cool, right!?  I love the super retro and grainy vibe, they've got a real sense of atmosphere and realness to them. You don't get many polaroid films in a pack and the packs are pretty pricey, so we had to get our poses on point on the first click of the camera! There was no taking a few snaps and flicking through to pick which ones we liked and which ones we didn't and then trying again. I liked that though, it made it exciting, especially the anticipation of waiting for each little film to develop to see if we nailed the picture.


We were very happy with how cool the tees ended up looking, so we’re thinking about selling a small selection of designs on our website. They definitely need a little tweaking though and we're keen to try out a few new designs before they’re ready for you guys to rock, but we love them so far and really hope you do too.


Watch this space for the rest of the images from our shoot and our other tee designs! 

A Picture Wall

We have been super, super busy over the past few days planning our next shoot with the amazing Rollagirls... we are so excited!

The shoot is happening at the end of this week and there's still lots to do, so I don't have too much time to blog. But I really wanted to share our picture wall with you. It's just a small collection of images, mainly found on Pinterest, which have inspired our next shoot. Of course it's pretty much focused around rollerskating and some very cool girls and we've popped these images up on the wall right by our desks. It's something so simple, but something which I also think is so important. These images keep us inspired and excited and motivated to make our next Pink Pantaloon shoot the best one yet.

We love Pinterest, but there's something so nice and so inspiring about having a real life Pinterest board right there in front of you. So here it is...


It's not perfect, the pictures are a bit wonky and you can see the wall peaking through the sides of a couple of them, but I kind of like that. I guess it's not about being perfect, it's about being real.

We love showing you these little behind the scenes snaps and taking you on all of our adventures with us, whether it's something we're super proud of, something we messed up and found really difficult or something we're totally excited about and can't wait to share with you, it feels honest and right. Just the way we like it.

Anyway, I better get back to work. We're off to a screen printers soon with some very exciting new designs for the Rollagirls shoot, we can't wait to show you... you're going to love them! 

A Fashionista's Guide to London: 5 free must dos this weekend

1) H&M Divided Pop-up 


For 6 weeks fashion giants H&M will be bringing its the latest looks to Brick Lane's Truman Brewery. As well as amazing outfits, the retail champs will be offering the opportunity to design some 90's-style jewellery, get a awesome complimentary colour-block manicure or dance the day away to the super cool DJ sets! This Summery pop-up is well worth a visit! 

Old Truman Brewry, Brick Lane, 11 am -  7pm

2) The Alice Look

Enter Wonderland and discover amazing clothes, photograph and rare edition prints all inspired by Lewis Carol's iconic character, Alice. Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of this childhood classic, the exhibit at the V&A Museum of Childhood features amazing modern interpretations such as Annie Liebowitz's photos for Vogue and a host of pop videos all inspired by the tale...and the best bit is it's free! 

  V&A Museum of Childhood, Bethnal Green; 10 am - 5:30 pm

3) Saturday Sun Salutations - Free Yoga at Metropolitan, Mayfair

Enter Hyde Park from Park lane and take the first path on the right to find a bunch of flexible fitties having fun with an incredible free outdoor yoga class! There's even refreshing green juices and ginger teas to replenish you after your workout. It's first come first serve, so get there early if you want a mat. 

Metropolitan, Mayfair; Saturday 10 am

4) Show off your swimsuit 

This Summer London boasts a whole host of  amazing urban beaches. Take a trip to The Olympic Park for a fun filled day at a seaside fairground or, if you're looking for less of a family affair, head to the Roundhouse in Camden for cool beachy days and a buzzing party in the evening!  

Olympic park, Stratford;  10am - 10pm - Free enrty : The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm; 12pm - 11pm - Free entry

5) Brixton Splash

Celebrating it's 10th Birthday thousands of Londoners are set to hit the streets of Brixton for "South London's answer to the Notting Hill Carnival".  Full of colour, food and music, the one day festival will showcase the cultural diversity and community spirit of this vibrant South London borough. Sunday is the new Saturday and we can't wait to join the party!

Brixton; 12pm -7pm; Free Entry 



We are very excited that Vogue have picked PINK as their colour of the season!!! 

So I wanted to share this quirky little video called 'I Believe In Pink' with you today. Vogue showcase some very stylish and very cool ways to wear the new colour of the moment. Check it out below... 

Fashion has definitely fallen back in love with pink. It has been seen all over celebrities on the red carpet, all over the catwalks, with the new Chanel and Prada collections looking particularly pink, and the high street stores seem to have caught onto the trend too.

As well as their 'I Believe In Pink' video, Vogue have also written a blog post called 'Rethink Pink'. This blog encourages us to totally embrace pink, and I'm all for it! With some super helpful advice on how to pick the best shade, how to style a chic and unfussy pink look and what to do if you think pink isn't for you... this blog post is definitely worth a read. Check it out here.

Even after lots of advice from Vogue, Pink can still be a bit of a scary and daunting colour, especially when it comes to fashion. So if you're not feeling quite brave enough to go for a bright pink mini dress, a peachy pink fur coat or a pair of skin tight pink trousers, don't worry... we're pretty sure our range of dusky pink silk underwear and loungewear is the perfect answer!

Each piece of Pink Pantaloon underwear is made with love from the most gorgeous dusky pink washed silk and they're just perfect for lounging around in. Imagine having the softest, comfiest silk underwear that is also super sexy and pink! 

You can enjoy the best colour in the world, and Vogue's new colour of the season, all from the comfort of your home (and look really really good whilst doing it!!) 

To shop our ladies and mens range of beautiful Pink Pantaloons, please click here. 

A brand new product!

We are super excited to introduce a brand new product to you!!! Please welcome the beautiful ‘Cécile Headscarf’ to our growing range of silky products. 

The Cécile Headscarf kind of happened by chance, we were thinking about how to style a particular outfit for our latest campaign shoot, when we remembered that one of our sewing girls had created a lovely scarf from some left over dusky pink silk. 

Helen grabbed the scarf and tied it around my head (I was the one modelling in these images… I don’t think I’ve told you that before!) At first it felt kind of strange and I think I said something along the lines of “why have you tied it to my head, isn’t it supposed to go around my neck!!?” but as soon as I turned to show the others they all loved it, it was something different and unique, it had that gorgeous boho/festivaly vibe which is super on-trend at the moment and it was so much cooler than a regular scarf! I love how these things happen so naturally at the PPco. and I love how Helen’s first instinct was not to tie the scarf around my neck, but to tie it around my head… and that’s how the Cécile Headscarf came to be! We knew it was too cool to keep as simply just a prop for a photoshoot, so we decided to introduce it as a whole new PP product for you guys. We hope you love it as much as we do!

The Cécile Headscarf is hand made from the same beautiful stretch pink silk as all of our other products and is priced at £28.

We think the scarf looks totally cool tied around your head, but of course you can still wear it around your neck or even around your waist as a beautiful belt… in fact, I’m sure you could find lots and lots of ways to use this lovely little thing. 

We are very excited to expand our range of Pink Pantaloon products to make them a little more accessible to everybody. We are working on some more beautiful accessories and other quirky ideas, so watch this space!! 

To order the beautiful and brand new Cécile Headscarf, please click here. 

p.s. don't forget to follow us on social media to keep up to date with all of our latest and most exciting news! 

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My first shoot!

As a newbie to the Pink Pantaloon team, I was so excited to kick things off with a brand new shoot. And what a way to begin!! The sun was shining, the grounds looked breathtaking and the models were so much fun! 

With Wimbledon around the corner we were inspired to do a sexy British Summer sports shoot. As all of our underwear is handmade in Leciestershire, England we wanted to reflect our British sporting heritage and traditions, whilst keeping the modern edge of The Pink Pantaloon Company.

Initially inspired by the classic Athena 'Tennis Girl' image, we went on the hunt for some quirky vintage sports gear mixed with cool contemporary pieces.  

These amazing original Dunlop tennis rackets were actually hidden at the back of my Mum and Dad's shed from their 80s tennis phase along with the cocktail set and the Boy George CDs.

The wimbledon theme quickly expanded into a Summer of sports. The Oxbridge boat race is so quintessentially British and when we saw the amazing river Soar, we knew it was just too beautiful not to shoot! 

Sticking with the modern-retro look, this boho inspired outfit was one of my favourites! The Zoe Playsuit looks effortlessly cool, whilst the classic George Pantaloons have a real British boating club feel. 


Everything we make is inspired by and made from this amazing dusky pink silk. From underwear to headbands to mini doggy waistcoats...there really is no limit. We just want to make cool, comfortable and beautifully made pieces that we're proud to call our products. 

I had so much fun running round, trying out all our crazy ideas and learning the ropes from Paul and Helen. With three cameras snapping away, curious onlookers may have confused us for paparazzi, but it's this fun, creative atmosphere that makes Pink Pantaloon so great!  I can't wait to put everything I've learnt into practice.

We have some really exciting things coming up in the pipeline... so watch this space!!