the design process

All of our Pink Pantaloon underwear is inspired by the beautiful vintage designs worn by our ancestors. We know these classic styles will stand the test of time and remain eternally stylish. All of our designs are hand drawn, handmade and endlessly adjusted until we are confident that we have the perfect style and fit for our customers. 

MADE using british silk

Every piece of Pink Pantaloon underwear is created using the same roll of gorgeous dusky pink silk. Incredibly soft and irresistibly sexy, our luxury British lingerie and fine tailored underwear are completely unique and unlike anything else on the market. Our designs are simple and classic with a slight edge and all exclusive to The Pink Pantaloon Company. 


All of our manufacture takes place at our Cotes Mill home in the heart of Leicestershire by our extremely talented seamstresses who ensure not a stitch is out of place! They also lovingly repair and refashion all of our Vintage garments to reclaim their original nostalgic charm and make them lovable all over again. 

“Here at Pink Pantaloon we believe that if lingerie
looks this good it shouldn’t be hidden under your clothes, this is why our underwear is just perfect to lounge around in. Made for fashionable, care free people who live a lavish lifestyle and appreciate modern design and fine fabrics.”